30 July 2013

We finished Moses and we are pretty proud of what we have done. You can read the whole book from top to bottom if you like.

Next up for us is to finish Amboy, Pop. 5. We have 160 pages penciled out and expect to finish the story around 200. We have inked about 20 pages thus far. See our Facebook page to see previews. We think they look pretty nice. We'll post up some inked pages on this page soon.

Thanks again to Mari for doing all the web work. She is pretty busy but makes time for us. She is truly a Westerino.

26 June 2013

The penultimate chapter of Moses is ready for you to read. There is much going on in this chapter, including Moses wandering the universe. Really, he walks through the universe. No joke.

Thanks for the quick, back to back postings, Mariana. We appreciate you so much.

The last chapter will be up by end of summer. Thanks for lookin'.

19 June 2013

It's been awhile, but Chapter 13 of Moses is up and ready to read. Chapter 14 should be available in less than a week. Right, Mariana?

We are drawing and inking Chapter 15, which is the last one. The last chapter will be available near the end of summer. We cannot believe we are almost finished. We are a bit saddened to be finished, but also exhilerated.

After Moses wraps, we will move on to Amboy, Pop. 5.

17 January 2013

Chapter 12 of the third book of Moses is ready to read. We've got Chapter 13 inked and We're working on Chapter 14 (We've penciled 31 pages of 45 thus far.) Mari is working on revamping the entirety of our webpage too.

Happy reading.

30 September 2012

Chapter 11 of Moses is now up. This is the last chapter of the second book. It details a day in the life of Zed, Moses' child. I apologize for the cow slaughter scene. It was ugly to research.

We are currently inking Chapter 13, and Chapter 12 is finished, just needs scanning. We are closing in on the end of the book, folks. About 120 pages to go.

Thanks for the update, Mari.

2 August 2012

Chapter 10 of Moses is available to read. Left click and read or right click, save to your computer and read at your leisure. We're calling this the "quantum chapter."

Chapter 12 is now finished and ready to scan, bringing the entire book to 454 pages so far.


8 July 2012

Hey, Chapter 9 of Moses is up, all 63 pages of it. It's the longest chapter so far, bringing the whole book up to about 330 pages online for you to read. We're up to 450 pages so far (inking on Chapter 12 now) and the book will wrap up at around 600 when it's done in a year or so. Up to you folks to say if it's worth your time, but it's big. ~ jeff

Dean here. As Jeff said, this is the biggest chapter so far. It should be big. It's Moses on the Mount, right? I had a lot of drawing challenges on this one. I even had to learn how to start a fire. Enjoy. Hit us up on email or friend us on facebook.

A big thank you to Mari who does all the real updates on this lil ol' webpage.

23 May 2012

You can now read the first 24 pages of Chapter 9 of Moses. We think there is enough in this chapter to keep you pondering until we post the next 36 pages of Chapter 9. In this section you will find more of Moses talking to voices, more genital mutilation, (Take that Lars von Trier!) and the introduction of quantum influences on our little story.

We keep saying this is the best section yet, and it is.

Thanks for reading.

28 March 2012

Chapter 8 of Moses is up. In it you'll find lots of feet and the story of Grampa Noah. Even more importantly, Moses starts on his journey up Mount Horeb and meets god or not. Maybe he only meets a couple of assholes fuckin' with him. We dunno. You decide for yourself.

This is the best chapter yet, folks.

Thanks for your help, Mari.

25 March 2012

We're a bit slow putting up Chapter 8, but go to our facebook page and see passages from Chapter 11! Click here.

You might have to friend us first.

We turn down no one.

11 Feburary 2012

Chapter 7, the first chapter of Book Two of Moses, is posted.

We're the Kanye West of badass comic book makers, muthafuckas!

With a Q at the end, biatches!

2 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Chapter Six is the last chapter closing out the first book of Moses. It features the death of an important character, a funeral, and a blow job! Enjoy.

The next chapter will be up in February. It gets really good from here on out, folks.

Not sure why Mari is apologizing below. We wouldn't have a webpage without her. Bosses we ain't.

Mari's Message: "It is up! Sorry for all the delays folks. Don't hate me!!! and thanks to Dean and Jeff for being the best bosses ever! -Mariana"

23 November 2011

Life interrupted our publishing schedule, but Chapter 5 of Moses is now available. It is one of our more violent chapters, depicting a few atrocities against children. We hope this installment causes you to reconsider our effects on children.

Thanks to WebQueen Mariana for maintaining our web page.

11 October 2011

Chapter Four of Moses is up and ready for your perusal. You'll get our take on Jonah/Yonah and the whale, one of my favorite stories in this book of stories. Oh, and this is the oldest chapter. It originally was the first chapter of the book

Hope you enjoy.

If you don't, well, you can go pick figs.

10 September 2011

Ok, we have posted Chapter Three of Moses. It was a very challenging chapter for many reasons. We hope you enjoy it. It sets up a lot for what is to come. Reader advice: look for the patterns and the repetitions.

We also have made the pdf files iPad compatible. Our pfds are loading slower though, so your patience is much appreciated. We will continue to work on improving speed. We're new at this.

We will be at the Alternative Press Expo on October 1-2. We will be helping out our friend, Kenny at the Nuclear Comics booth. Come by and say hi.

Here's the link for more info: Alternative Press Expo, 2011

20 August 2011

The new webpage is up!

You'll see we have been working on Moses, like two men possessed. The first two chapters are available to read and we will be sharing additional chapters every month.

You're going to need a pdf reader. Click here to download one for free.

We have completed nine chapters, so you'll know we will keep on schedule.

Please take time to browse the rest of the page and shoot us an email or add us as Facebook friends.

Extra special thanks go to Mariana for putting this page together. We think it looks great.

Here is a brief description of Westerino Comix:

Dean and Jeff have been collaborating on comix for around a decade and aren’t famous or wealthy but just want to do good comix at this stage in their lives. This webpage showcases passages from three ongoing stories in various stages of production, but the main focus is on Moses, which stands at 401 pages. We expect it to wrap up at around 600.

Comix are the best

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